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2014 has started and in this year MARTYR will record the follow up of the highly acclaimed “Circle Of 8” album (Release Nov 2011 - Metal Blade Records'. With production wizard and former Horizon guitar player Jack Nobelen,  the band checked in at the “Temple Of Doom” studio’s in Belgium again.

So how is it all coming along?

Although we are incredibly happy with the songs we have written already first of all MARTYR will start with a pre-production of 4 songs. To see if the new material and the arrangements are satisfactory and meet the band’s high standards. Pre-production will take place during January and February 2014.

First of all Wilfried laid down the drums pretty fast. Which gave Jeffrey the opportunity to work on his bass recordings. Unfortunately due to an injury on his hand some parts will be re-recorded later on. He had to go through some pain, but the result is still then even overwhelming. We are proud to have him in the MARTYR family as newest member, doing such an amazing job!

Rick already recorded some rythm guitars so next up will be Marcel, Rop and lead guitars. The sound is just fantastic ! We’ve got a long way to go but things are moving along nicely and we are feeling really good about the material.

So will this album be different than “Circle Of 8”?

We think we are in a continious improvement of songwriting and still are developing ourselves. We are picking the best new songs for this album, maybe even some special guests again. It will be better, it twill be louder, it will be a Killer album!!

But when will it make it’s way to your ears? If we are finished before the summer then we expect the album to come out late 2014 !! We will keep you updated! Thanks for supporting! Rick, Rop, Jeffrey, Wilfried & Marcel - MARTYR!


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